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Thomas Northup was apparently born 1716, North Kingstown, Washington Co., Rhode Island; The first child to Nicholas and Abbigail (Eldred) Northup. This is not totally resolved, as my best information says that Nicholas and Abbigail were not married until 1721. Nicholas was old enough that Thomas could have been norn from a previous wife. It was not uncommon for the women to die in childbirth in those days.

Thomas was married to (1) SUSANNAH Congdon Abt. 1740, North Kingstown, Washington Co., Rhode Island; (b. 7 February 1719/20, North Kingstown, Washington Co., Rhode Island), (2) LADY NEEDHAM, Aft. 1741 in England; (b. Abt. 1718, England.) It is presumed that they returned from England with 4 children, and added as many as 7 more, after they returned in 1766. Dates of birth are not known, and it is not known if any of the children were born to Susannah.

John B. Northup writes:
Stephentown, founded 29 March 1784, by Stephen Van Rensselaer. It was a 200 square mile area. The 1790 census showed it to be the ninth largest town in the United States. Eventually eleven more towns were formed from within the original tract. A 1784 map of the area shows several Rhode Island names within its boundaries including Gardner, Clark (e), Thomas, Arnold, Niles, Barber, Moon, Reynolds, Northup(for Thomas), and others. This appears to have been a major destination for those heading west. It also shows that the land was quite rapidly claimed, and undoubtedly families, arriving as late as 1784, found the land too expensive for them or just not available, causing them to keep going to find the "land of opportunity." Note: the land was "free" but they had to give the landlord 10% of their gross crops.

There seems to be several cases of families who knew each other getting the "move urge" about the same time, and banding together for the move for the purpose of security against misfortunes of nature, natives, or just plain bad luck. The picture of Connestoga wagons crossing the prarie in long trains was much more picturesque than sleds pulled thru the woods, but chances are they both had the same purpose, security and direction.

Tom Clarke believes it possible that a total list of children is: Nicholas, Needham, Emmanuel, Girl, Girl, Girl, Thomas, Eunice, Levi, Susanna and Abiah.

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Thomas Northup Family

Children of Thomas and Susannah Northup


Children of Thomas and Lady (Needham) Northup

Thomas Northup m. Sarah Gardner??
Nicholas born in England in 1752 m. Lydia Palmer
Needham I Northup Born in England ?? abt 1754 m. Mary Clark (b. 5 Dec 1758; d. MAY 1831 d. BEF. 1826
Eunice b. 1766 m. Caleb Gardner